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Purchase Bundling: Multiple Vendors, ONE Payment

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By Chris K on October, 12 2021
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Purchasing commercial gym equipment can be overwhelming in the ever-changing fitness industry.

Among other things, you must consider how to:

  • Stay on top of health and fitness trends
  • Keep up with evolving technology in gym equipment
  • Stand out in your niche market
  • Retain current members and appeal to new ones
  • Finance purchases from several vendors/manufacturers
  • Stick to your budget
Fitness equipment vendors have different specialties.

In this industry, you'll typically be purchasing equipment from multiple vendors. It's very rare to find a one-stop-shop providing everything you need to create the best experience for your clients.

You've decided which equipment to purchase. Now what?

After you've navigated the initial challenge of what equipment you need for your space, it's time to figure out how to pay for it. Typically, this will require some type of financing.

We can all agree that having your credit pulled 6-7 times as you fill out a different credit application for each purchase (with each vendor) isn't ideal. Submitting bank statements, tax returns, and your first-born child is something no one wants to do twice.

Throw in keeping track of several payments...all with different due dates and varying dollar amounts, and pretty soon a root canal starts to sound more enjoyable than gym equipment financing.

That's where we come in.

Funding (and bundling)...made easy.

Raiding your child's piggy bank, borrowing from a college fund, or hedging your retirement may technically be an option for coming up with cash...but we can save you from attempting to explain that method of "creative financing" to the spouse.

Geneva Capital has a simple way to hang onto your cash and get the equipment you need. We're able to bundle purchases from multiple vendors into one affordable monthly payment. Bonus: you might even reap the benefit of certain tax advantages along the way!

It's a win-win.

Multiple Vendors One Payment

Your time is precious. Let us do what we do best and take care of the details.

Here's how our bundling process works:

  • We'll take a look at the equipment quotes from each vendor you're working with. (It's likely we've worked with them before and already have relationships built!)
  • We'll walk you through the application process and typically have an approval within hours.
  • We'll finalize terms and prepare documents for you to complete.
  • We'll issue purchase orders to each vendor and pay them on your behalf. (This means all of your equipment gets ordered at one time!)
  • Upon delivery, you'll confirm everything is present and working as it should.
  • You'll put your equipment into use and begin making monthly payments to Geneva Capital.

One application, one point of contact, one set of documents, one order, and one payment. We'll ensure the entire process is smooth and streamlined, start to finish.

Unsure whether your equipment purchase qualifies for financing?

Just ask! We can finance not only the equipment you need for inside your gym, but security systems, signage, and more!

Equipment financing is all we do. After 20+ years in the fitness world, we know the industry, the business, and the equipment...and we exist for one reason only: to help you succeed.


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