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How Does a Technology Lease Work?
By Chris W on August 1, 2022

Over the last several years, evolving technology has brought about rapid advancements in speed, efficiency, new features, and overall...

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Simple Start-up Financing to Get You Growing
By Connor W on April 27, 2022

What does every business in the world have in common? They were all brand, spankin' new at one time! Jeff Bezos started from his garage, Steve Jobs...

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Equipment Leasing & Proof of Insurance - How to Ensure You're Covered
By Allyson R on February 14, 2022

When purchasing new equipment you're probably focused on growth, increased efficiency, or providing a new service to your customers. The furthest...

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My Revenue Changes with the Season...Do You Have a Finance Plan for Me?
By Angie G on January 27, 2022

// Is your business seasonal? // Is there a certain time of year your cash flow takes a hit? // Do you still need new business equipment? If so, a ...

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How Does Working Capital Work?
By Andy E on January 10, 2022

What can you do with a Working Capital Loan for your business? The simple answer: literally anything! Are you looking to grow your business? Do you...

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Which is Better...Financing or Leasing?
By Adam S on December 31, 2021

You've determined what equipment you need to grow your business - woohoo! Now you need to figure out how you'll pay for it. There are several factors...

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A Guide to myGC: Our Customer Account Portal
By Amy Z on November 1, 2021

What is myGC? MyGC is Geneva Capital's Online Customer Portal. Think of it as your account hub. It's the place you'll head to easily view invoices...

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Purchase Bundling: Multiple Vendors, ONE Payment
By Chris K on October 12, 2021

Purchasing commercial gym equipment can be overwhelming in the ever-changing fitness industry. Among other things, you must consider how to: Stay on...

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