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Nate K

Starting as an Intern, Nate held every role in our Credit Department (at one time or another) over the course of 16 years before moving into his current role as Director of Operations. His knowledge and expertise are invaluable to not only our team, but the partners and customers we serve. When he's not busy running the Origination side of Geneva he's busy running after his daughters and chasing a new marathon PR.
Why am I being repeatedly contacted about UCC filing after financing?
By Nate K on October 10, 2022

UCC filings have been a hot topic recently. Since these filings are public information, third party marketers track them knowing that a new filing...

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The Power of Pre-qualification
By Nate K on June 24, 2022

Whether you're in the research phase and collecting info about equipment and financing, or you're gearing up to make your purchase at the next open...

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